What is it?
Watabou's Procgen Arcana is a collection of free map generators for tabletop role-playing games and worldbuilding. Currently, it consists of five generators, all of them are in active development.
Is it really free?
The generators are obviously free to use. And basically you can do with generated images whatever you like:
You can use maps created by the generator(s) as you like: copy, modify, include in your commercial rpg adventures etc. Attribution is appreciated, but not required...
Please note that I strongly disapprove abusing this "license" by selling generated maps. Still, I am not going to change the wording for the sake of keeping it simple and approachable.
Is it open-source?
Managing open-source projects is a lot of work, so normally unless I am done with a project I don't make its code public. However, the source code of an early version of the city generator is available on GitHub. Also you can find source code of some lesser projects there. Algorithms I use are not "proprietary", neither they are secrect and anything uncommon usually gets explained in one of the posts on my Patreon.
What technology is it built on?
All generators of Procgen Arcana are written in Haxe and OpenFL.
Will there be more generators?
I am planning to expand this set of generators. There are actually more generators on my itch.io page and some of them may be added here when they are polished enough.
How can I support you?
Thanks for asking! :) You can support me on Patreon.
I'd like to ask something else...
Feel free to ask anything at any of the social media listed at the bottom of this page